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(Update: 9/28/17) Added How to Play Screen

(Best played at full screen!)


All the music notes have been stolen from this creature! Help this little creature find the missing music notes, discover different worlds, and maybe remix some songs along the way!



  • Move: WASD keys
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Drag Platforms: Mouse
  • Isolate Sound: Click and hold platform
  • Hint Button: Eyeball

Scale is played with either the arrow keys or the WASD keys, the spacebar, and your mouse. Drag each horizontal platform representing a sound by clicking and dragging it to what you think is the correct spot, basing it off of what you hear when you hover over the music note in the bottom right corner.

 You may isolate each sound by clicking and holding it to see which platform represents what sound. You may also use the hint button, represented by an eyeball, in each level to see which platforms are in the correct position, and which ones are not.

 When you think you have the correct order, use the WASD/arrow keys and the spacebar to advance to the top of the level like you would in a platformer, collecting music notes along the way. You cannot move the platforms when you are on them, however, and the music notes cannot be collected while you are still editing the level, as they will reset when you hit the ground. 

Trust your ears, and good luck!



Game Designer: Andie Nanney

Programmer: Matt Fannin

Musician: Sara Kindschus

Artist: Connie Beckham


scale-windows.zip 26 MB
Version 1 Sep 28, 2017
scale-osx.zip 30 MB
Version 1 Sep 28, 2017

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